The Team

Glynn Ford – Co-founder and CEO

Glynn has almost 15 years’ experience publishing popular science content from both industry and university research groups, and he has a complete understanding of the outreach and impact requirements of various EU funding agencies. Having started life as a mechanic from a farming family, he’s fascinated by the advances of modern life sciences and engineering and enjoys a workplace that delves into new discoveries daily. In his spare time, Glynn will either be found working on the engine of an old car or walking in the Peak District near his home in the heart of England. Having reconnected with Charles after Covid19 lockdowns were lifted, the two began a journey to employ next generation, machine-learning technologies of the FinTech industry to disseminate the knowledge of the brightest minds in Europe.

Michael Thame – Editor

Michael has worked as a writer and editor in the publishing industry since 1999, gaining extensive experience of both online and print media. With a degree in geophysics he has always been interested in science, but a strong editorial background in politics means he is very comfortable at the interface between researcher and policymaker. His particular interests in the scientific sphere range from conservation to space research, climate change to nanotechnology and, as a parent with two daughters, the continuing drive to get more girls and young women interested in the STEM sector. In his spare time, Michael has written a series of children’s books and visits local schools discussing his grandfather’s experiences as a child during World War Two. He also works as a ghostwriter with memoirs, novels and a self-help guide amongst the projects he has worked on. 

Charles Whittle – Co-founder

Charles has led a highly successful career firstly in the commercial property sector and latterly in the field of corporate acquisition, restructuring and disposal strategies. By 2005 he had led the acquisition of 86 properties throughout Germany and Switzerland with an approximate value of €1bn which in turn led to offices in Munich and then Zurich, where he now lives. More recent clients are too many to list but have included the Blackstone Group, a syndicate of German banks, and the European Investment Fund. Charles is excited to use his experience and knowledge gained to ‘restructure’ the way that today’s scientific breakthroughs are communicated to inspire a better future for his grandchildren’s generation.

Tara Whittle – Operations manager

After graduating in physical education and sports pedagogy, Tara used her passion for sports science and childhood mental health to support adolescents through alternative provision schooling. Having relocated from Hull to Cheshire, her teaching background makes light work of office management and she shares her father’s mindset for company finances. When she’s not maintaining order within the Aether, Tara can likely be found with both her children on horseback or perfecting the violin.

Jo Price – Sub-editor

Jo has juggled her writing career with bringing up two children and working full time as a manager in both retail and dental practice. She has over 15 years’ experience as a writer, editor and proofreader, and also has an interest as a life coach providing therapy to individuals through the medium of writing. An avid reader, Jo’s passion is social history in the 19th and early 20th centuries, specifically that pertaining to women and the battle for equal rights. Evolving from that interest, she published her first book, The Suitcase, in 2017, which became a bestseller based on her grandmother’s experiences as a Queen Alexandra military nurse during the fall of Hong Kong on Christmas Day 1941.

Paul King – Creative

As a professional Paul has over 20 years’ experience as a creative director in print and digital. He is responsive to every client’s needs, from branding and advertising to marketing and social – helping businesses communicate and build brand equity responsibly. His work ethic is friendly, relaxed and informal, whilst adopting best business practice throughout. Paul has a people-orientated philosophy, which results in not only a professional but a personal approach to business, creativity and design.