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Europe has been home to peer-review scientific publishing for more than 350 years but in the wake of massive technological advances and so many new discoveries every week, project teams must now do more to disseminate and exploit their project findings. 

Extract from the European Commission website guidance for applicants to EU research funding:

“Dissemination means sharing results with potential users – peers in the research field, industry, and policy makers. By sharing your research results with the rest of the scientific community, you are contributing to the progress of science in general.”

“Exploitation is the use of results for commercial purposes or in public policymaking.”

Aether is the first (truly next generation) platform to combine more than 20 years’ experience in publishing popular science with machine-learning tools purpose-built to seek the most relevant target audiences in a format engineered to integrate seamlessly with modern media platforms.

To avoid advertisements and paywalls spoiling the platform for our readers, we ask our project teams to cover article processing charges (APCs) in return for production services and broad distribution of their work.

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NeoGiANT engagement

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Launching a small, independent, British media agency in the wake of Brexit:

We are relieved to say that we have seen a warm welcome from our neighbouring EU (and global) project teams. Whilst English continues to be used as the international language of science dissemination, project teams are still consulting British contractors as native speakers when producing their project media output for professional artwork, video production and written media.